Deliver a fresh and enticing dining experience to your Central and Southern Arkansas break room.

Pine Bluff micro-markets
01. Benefits

Eliminates the need for employees to go offsite during their workday for meals, snacks, or beverages.

Customized menus

Meet your employees’ needs with a variety of traditional and healthy snacks, beverages, and fresh food.

vending machines in Pine Bluff
02. Technology

Users scan and pay for their purchase at an unattended, touch-screen checkout kiosk.

Payment Options

Multiple payment options are available from mobile payments to credit/debit cards, and cash.

secured micro-markets
03. Security

24-hour camera surveillance ensures that your micro-market remains secure.

Safety features

Important personal information is safeguarded by self-contained kiosks that have no external ports.

Pine Bluff micro-markets
04. Healthy

Better-for-you options such as salads, sandwiches, and bottled water are available.

Product visibility

Open shelves and coolers help users to read nutrition information and ingredients before making a purchase.

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